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Game of Tunos (2015): London, Oxford, Stonehenge, Bath, Bristol, Cardiff


We had an interesting trip visitting England and Wales. The weather was cold and windy but only a bit rainy. The Spanish Troubadours Tunos who took part in our particular Games of Thrones: Matojo, Sparrow, Flamenquín, Loctite, Pin, Nulo, Avecrem, Pajillo, Norman and 3 rookies (Pestillo, Panra and Nacho).




We performed close to the Big Ben and mainly in the underground, receiving good tips 🙂


london-piccadilly-circus-tuna-medicina-2015 london-buckingham-palace-tuna-medicina-2015 london-telephone-tuna-medicina-2015 london-big-ben-tuna-medicina-2015


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Italy (2013): Rome

We were in Rome 25-29th september 2013, visiting Flamenquín, who has a house there as an Erasmus man for the summer 🙂



From Left to right: Avecrem, Yola, Nulo (me), Flamenquín, Ken, Bécquer and Papaptuna.



First time I visited Rome was on 1994, I threw a coin and I returned 19 years later 🙂 On this visit we went several times to the Trevi Fountain, and threw a coin. I will come back on September 2014!



Selfie in the underground.


Singing ‘Hoy estoy aquí’ in the underground




We met some Goliardies, a tradition in some way similar to Tuna. It comes from the University and they meet with their costumes to talk.


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Denmark and Sweden (2013): Copenhagen, Malmö

spanish-troubadours-tuna-madrid-copenhagen-2013-the-little-mermaid [1024x768]

The Tunoperation ‘Red Dinamate’ was successful. We sang the song ‘The Mermaid’ to the Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen and some people thought we were paid by the city council for doing that 😀

spanish-troubadours-tuna-madrid-copenhagen-2013-nyhavn [1024x768]

We played in the Nyhavn (the harbour) and there we met the Cultural Counselor & Consul, Raúl Muñoz. He invited us to perform in the Embassy of Spain in Copenhagen, and so we did. They took us in the official car 🙂

spanish-troubadours-tuna-madrid-copenhagen-2013-spanish-embassy [1024x768]

spanish-troubadours-tuna-madrid-copenhagen-2013-danish-girls [1024x768]

In Christiania is forbidden to take pictures, but people took a few of them when we sang inside this peculiar city.

spanish-troubadours-tuna-madrid-christiania-2013 [1024x768]

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Greece (2011): Thessaloniki, Parga, Pyrsos, Naousa Paros


Our Tunodyssey took us to participate in the International Folk Festival Pyrsos-Naoussa.


This Tunodyssey ended with a delayed in the plane… singing!!!

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Poland (2009): Warsaw, Zamosc


We were playing in the streets of Warsaw.

Later we travelled to performance in the EUROFOLK , Zamość (International Folklore Festival).


Profundo was nominated as Mr. Festival of Eurofolk 2009


Marrone learned a polish song, ‘Czerwone Korale’ (Brathanki), and the organization told him to sing it on the stage!!!

Zamosconline published some posts about the Eurofolk and the Spanish Troubadours:

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