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Germany (2016): Nuremberg, Fürth, Erlangen


I went alone to visit Miss Merling with my troubadours dress. It was a great long-weekend, singing and meeting really nice people. Some of them even invited us for beers and eat! Also to go for a ride in a horse car… paying by singing 🙂



2016-05-spanish-troubadours-furth (17)

2016-05-spanish-troubadours-furth (1) 2016-05-spanish-troubadours-furth (2) 2016-05-spanish-troubadours-furth (3) 2016-05-spanish-troubadours-furth (4)

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Great Britain (2016): Oxford

Tuna de Oxford organised a meeting and it was really nice to meet more than 200 troubadours 🙂




2016-02-spanish-troubadours-meeting-oxford (10)

2016-02-spanish-troubadours-meeting-oxford (23) 2016-02-spanish-troubadours-meeting-oxford (24) 2016-02-spanish-troubadours-meeting-oxford (25)

2016-02-spanish-troubadours-meeting-oxford (9)

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Germany (2016): Cologne Carnival

2016-02-spanish-troubadours-germany-cologne (4)

The Cologne Carnival is really famous in Germany and it envolves children, young and old people. As it is cold people celebrate it mainly inside the pubs, although there are huge parades and also beer tents in some squares. The typical greeting during the festival is Kölle Alaaf!, a Kölsch phrase which can be translated as “Cologne above all!”, and the most famous song is ‘Viva Colonia’ (Höhner), which in spanish phonetics is like the image.



2016-02-spanish-troubadours-germany-cologne (6)

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United Kingdom (2015): Liverpool

I wanted to New Years Eve abroad for first time in my life. I went to Liverpool to meet a friend and I decided to take my costume of troubadour. Also I met nice people from Coach Surfing, and of course I had to go to the Cavern 🙂

2015-12-spanish-troubadours-liverpool (11)


2015-12-spanish-troubadours-liverpool (8)

2015-12-spanish-troubadours-liverpool (1)

2015-12-spanish-troubadours-liverpool (4)

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Eindhoven Festival-Oktober Fest (2015): Netherlands, Germany, Luxemburg


2015-09-spanish-troubadours-munich-oktober-fest (2)



Tuna Ciudad de Luz was formed in Eindhoven in the 60’s. Students Costa Brava met a Tuna during a trip at the Costa Brava, and when they came back “they ordered a couple of their freshmen to sing some Tuna-songs to prominent lady, as a way of hazing. Both the freshmen and their elders become so enthusiastic that in 1964 the Tuna Ciudad de Luz (Tuna of the city of light) was born”.

In 1986 [vídeo] the group organizes its own certamens in Eindhoven which are well visited by Tuna-groups from all around the globe”.

2015-09-spanish-troubadours-eindhoven (49)


In 1971 the group a got his own place, Tuna house (Aalsterweg 171). It was the place where we met in our travel, starting 17th september 2015. The made a BBQ with many tunos, it was a nice evening (and night).

2015-09-spanish-troubadours-eindhoven (44)


The festival was full of tunos, a lot of Spain so we met many friends. ‘Botella de Ron’ (La Banda) was played dozens of times, even on the stage with all the participants. They made also a
crème caramel contest during the dinner.

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Game of Tunos (2015): London, Oxford, Stonehenge, Bath, Bristol, Cardiff


We had an interesting trip visitting England and Wales. The weather was cold and windy but only a bit rainy. The Spanish Troubadours Tunos who took part in our particular Games of Thrones: Matojo, Sparrow, Flamenquín, Loctite, Pin, Nulo, Avecrem, Pajillo, Norman and 3 rookies (Pestillo, Panra and Nacho).




We performed close to the Big Ben and mainly in the underground, receiving good tips 🙂


london-piccadilly-circus-tuna-medicina-2015 london-buckingham-palace-tuna-medicina-2015 london-telephone-tuna-medicina-2015 london-big-ben-tuna-medicina-2015


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Giro d’Italia della Tuna (2014): Bologna, Venezia, Padua, La Spezia, Perugia & Roma



We started our trip in Bolonia. That Sunday evening we sang some girls celebrating a birthday and then went to a square where we met some Spanish people.


The next day one polish girl recorded us to appear in this video of San Lócca Day (00:59)

We took a taxi to go to the airport to rent a car. The taxi driver asked us for a favour, to sing a song to a friend. We did it and we didn’t have to pay him 🙂


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Eurail (2014): France, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium

paris-monuments [1600x1200] interrail-eurid-tuna-medicina-cadiz-2014 paris-spanish-restaurant barcelona-torre-catalunya We decided to do interrail and visit many places for a week, and our fist stop was Barcelona. We started 3 people: Matojo, Bécquer and Loctite. colliure Our first forign country was France. We were in Coilloure, near Perpignan. Read the rest of this entry

Portugal (2013): São Brás de Alportel

2013-11-spanish-troubadours-portugal-sao-bras-alportel (1)

Tuna de Medicina de Cádiz was invited to the 15º Encontro de Tunas Académicas. There were some masculine and femenine Tunas, with really high musi level.



2013-11-spanish-troubadours-portugal-sao-bras-alportel (21)

2013-11-spanish-troubadours-portugal-sao-bras-alportel (20)

2013-11-spanish-troubadours-portugal-sao-bras-alportel (19)

2013-11-spanish-troubadours-portugal-sao-bras-alportel (17)

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Italy (2013): Rome

We were in Rome 25-29th september 2013, visiting Flamenquín, who has a house there as an Erasmus man for the summer 🙂



From Left to right: Avecrem, Yola, Nulo (me), Flamenquín, Ken, Bécquer and Papaptuna.



First time I visited Rome was on 1994, I threw a coin and I returned 19 years later 🙂 On this visit we went several times to the Trevi Fountain, and threw a coin. I will come back on September 2014!



Selfie in the underground.


Singing ‘Hoy estoy aquí’ in the underground




We met some Goliardies, a tradition in some way similar to Tuna. It comes from the University and they meet with their costumes to talk.


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