Germany (2016): Cologne Carnival

2016-02-spanish-troubadours-germany-cologne (4)

The Cologne Carnival is really famous in Germany and it envolves children, young and old people. As it is cold people celebrate it mainly inside the pubs, although there are huge parades and also beer tents in some squares. The typical greeting during the festival is Kölle Alaaf!, a Kölsch phrase which can be translated as “Cologne above all!”, and the most famous song is ‘Viva Colonia’ (Höhner), which in spanish phonetics is like the image.



2016-02-spanish-troubadours-germany-cologne (6)

2016-02-spanish-troubadours-germany-cologne (2)2016-02-spanish-troubadours-germany-cologne (3)2016-02-spanish-troubadours-germany-cologne (5)2016-02-spanish-troubadours-germany-cologne (1)




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