Game of Tunos (2015): London, Oxford, Stonehenge, Bath, Bristol, Cardiff


We had an interesting trip visitting England and Wales. The weather was cold and windy but only a bit rainy. The Spanish Troubadours Tunos who took part in our particular Games of Thrones: Matojo, Sparrow, Flamenquín, Loctite, Pin, Nulo, Avecrem, Pajillo, Norman and 3 rookies (Pestillo, Panra and Nacho).




We performed close to the Big Ben and mainly in the underground, receiving good tips 🙂


london-piccadilly-circus-tuna-medicina-2015 london-buckingham-palace-tuna-medicina-2015 london-telephone-tuna-medicina-2015 london-big-ben-tuna-medicina-2015




We had a meeting with the Tuna Universitaria de Oxford and other Spanish Troubadours. We sang on the street and then on a Chapel. Later we had some beers together and one of the members of Oxford received his Tuna grant and Pestillo the costume.

oxford-spanish-troubadours-meeting-tuna-medicina-2015 oxford-money-tuna-medicina-2015

oxford-spanish-troubadours-gilrs-tuna-medicina-2015oxford-instruments-tree-tuna-medicina-2015 oxford-harry-potter-tuna-medicina-2015





We passed by Stonehenge and as we had to sing something, Flamenquín said that we could perform ‘Alma, corazón y piedra’ (Soul, heart and stone, where ‘stone’ goes for ‘live’ in the real song :D).




When we just arrived near our hostel in Bristol we saw in 5 minutes 2 police cars with sirens persecuting someone, and even policemen running… but forTUNAtely we were fine 🙂

As Cardiff was in one hour by car Sparrow checked the day before the weather there, and it said it was rainy… but he confused and he was searching Cardiff on the USA 😀 We were using the computers of the hostel and Avecrem forgot to close his session on Facebook, so the next day he realized that someone put in his biography: “I enjoy to shit on a flat we are serenating and blame our novices”.

We walk to the harbour and met some funny girls who invited us to go to a bar. We sang a lot there and have a nice time and some free beers.

There is a sentence commonly used in spanish, “Visto y no visto”, which in english means like: “Seen and not seen”. Nulo said: “Ha sido un Bristol y no Bristol” (it has been a Bristol and not Bristol).



We hadn’t much activity in Cardiff, just sing a bit on the street before it rains and some tourism. We finish singing in a nice british bar. Norman, Avecrem, Sparrow and Nulo slep on a hostel and the rest in the cars 😀

Panra was shouting each five minutes: “The Cardiff Express!!!”, referring to Gareth Bale. And as we are from Cádiz, we also shouted: “Ese Cardiff, oé!!!”.

cardiff-tuna-medicina-2015 cardiff-castle-tuna-medicina-2015 cardiff-pub-tuna-medicina-2015




Bath is a beautiful place with its abbey and the river. After singing in the morning we returned to our hostel and an old and drunk couple were shouting to us: “Go home!”. One of the managers came to apologize and Nulo said: “Don’t worry, we are use to hear it ‘cos we sing bad”.

On the evening we tried to sing on restaurants but they didn’t let us, so we had to come back to hour hostel to have dinner and some beers.





We got back to London to prepare our luggage, and Nacho won a ticket that allowed him to start doing his costume. Nulo stayed for a couple of days more, singing as always.



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