Giro d’Italia della Tuna (2014): Bologna, Venezia, Padua, La Spezia, Perugia & Roma



We started our trip in Bolonia. That Sunday evening we sang some girls celebrating a birthday and then went to a square where we met some Spanish people.


The next day one polish girl recorded us to appear in this video of San Lócca Day (00:59)

We took a taxi to go to the airport to rent a car. The taxi driver asked us for a favour, to sing a song to a friend. We did it and we didn’t have to pay him 🙂


We parked outside Venezia.

venecia venecia-mcdonalds venecia-san-marco venezia-piazza-san-marco

On the afternoon it started a big storm near San Marco’s square, and later also, but we could continue singing in the street.

On the night we met an ice cream place with a Spanish women working so we were singing and talking with her. On the way to our car we met a nice bar, one guy payed us 50 euros for singing happy birthday to him and also we sang inside. It was a nice time 🙂

We passed by Verona on our way to Padua.


Walking in Padua one goliardi stopped us to invite us to have something in his faculty, and explained us a bit of his traditions.




On the night it was a goliardi meeting, we went there to sing and met some spanish people.

We moved to La Spezia where we met Giulia from Couch Surfing, she helped us with a friendo to find a place to sleep. We sang in a bar and some people invited us with beers.

The next morning we visited a beautiful town, Manarola, in Cinque Terre. A man gave Nulo a shield of New York Police Department, as he has a shield of the Fire Department of that city. Then, while singing on the street, a bartender told us to sing in his bar, where we could win some money.

la-specia-ribbon la-spezia-wine

We went to Pisa but people was interested only in taking pictures from us and almost didn’t pay for our songs, so we left soon.


In Perugia we contacted with more goliardi and inveted us to a meeting.

In Rome we left the car cos it was our final destination. The first night we went to a students party with Marta, sister of Loctite.

rome-students-party rome-vittorio-emanuele-ii-monument rome-metro rome-wedding


In the Pantheon Enzo Farina and two woman recorded us for the video Rilanciamo la Nazionale (minute 19:10). They invited us with a delicious ice cream 🙂

rome-perfoming-street rome-singing-in-caffe

We went to La Rontonda, and they treated us as good as last year, and we made a picture with the guitar that we signed on 2013. They invited to have a nice dinner.

rome-la-rotonda rome-sleeping-street rome-spagna-metro-station


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