Eurail (2014): France, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium

paris-monuments [1600x1200] interrail-eurid-tuna-medicina-cadiz-2014 paris-spanish-restaurant barcelona-torre-catalunya We decided to do interrail and visit many places for a week, and our fist stop was Barcelona. We started 3 people: Matojo, Bécquer and Loctite. colliure Our first forign country was France. We were in Coilloure, near Perpignan. basel-town-hall Here is the Basel Town Hall. Loctite come with sandals so it didn’t suit to our costume and we told him to buy shoes. The shop assintance was Spanish, what a coincidence. Laura was her name and she gave us a bottle of water. zurich   zurich-grossmünster It is funny for us meet a place called “Baretto”, cos it as an informal way to say “bar” in Spanish 😀 That was on Zürich, and the monument is the Grossmünster. vienna-hornWhen the train stopped Vienna Bécquer was trapped because the doors closed so fast (or maybe he was as sloooow as always), but fortunately for him and unfortunately for us he could escape 😛 We didn’t use too much the horn of Matojo ‘cos beer is the drink mostly drank in Europe, but Bécquer needed some liquid after his trouble. vienna-saint-stephens-cathedral-stephansdom Here we are in St. Stephen’s Cathedral. praga-bar praga-tuna-medicina-cadiz We found a great bar in Prague where we could sing with a piano and had a funny party!   munich-shields That was our fortune when we arrived to Munich. Here Nulo joined us and we stayed in Javi’s house.   munich-marienplatz We played in the Viktualienmarkt, nice market place althought it was raining a bit. While performing some austrian girls told us to sing ‘Stand by me’ with them. Of course we accepted and it was nice 🙂

munich-austrian-girls We told the girls to join us for a while to drink some beers and sing in the Marienplatz. It was the best time of the travel! We sang a lot of songs.   munich-kids munich-hofbräuhaus Later we went to the Hofbräuhaus, the biggest beer bar of Munich with Katie, a german girl. munich-bar-hofbräuhaus We only sang a bitcos it wasn’t allowed, but enough to receive some invitations from a couple who were sat next to us. munich-coach-surfing-meeting. We met a lot of people on the streets, from Couch Surfing also 😀 interrail-trip-europe-tuna-medicina-cadiz-spanish-troubadours Loctite was drawing our route in the interrail map. And of course we also sing in the trains 🙂 bruselas-bourse In Brussels we stayed in the house of Nulo’s cousin, Tatiana, who took us to the center. brussels-grand-place brussels-grand-place-dancing brussels-manneken-pis brussels-poechenellekelder bruselas-plaza-mayor bruselas-couch-surfers We  met people from Couch Surfing so they joined us. brussels-bar brussels-shop brussels-tintin brussels-people It was a great party on the street!!! bruselas-nawal Nawal made us company on the trainstation of Brussels and took us to a place to eat. We sang for her and she was a bit embarrassed 🙂 paris-eiffel-tower-bbey-road-beatles Paris was our last stop. We stayed at the house of Ana, who guided us and recorded some videos. We sang in the main monuments and in 2 spanish restaurants, so we had a great time and a great travel 🙂 paris-moulin-rouge paris-le-depart-saint-michel paris-saint-michel-squeare paris-cd-tuna paris-tuno-statue paris-tv-program paris-restaurante-espanol paris-torre-eiffel paris-fat-statue paris-invalides paris-square paris-les-invalides paris-sacred-heart


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