Italy (2013): Rome

We were in Rome 25-29th september 2013, visiting Flamenquín, who has a house there as an Erasmus man for the summer 🙂



From Left to right: Avecrem, Yola, Nulo (me), Flamenquín, Ken, Bécquer and Papaptuna.



First time I visited Rome was on 1994, I threw a coin and I returned 19 years later 🙂 On this visit we went several times to the Trevi Fountain, and threw a coin. I will come back on September 2014!



Selfie in the underground.


Singing ‘Hoy estoy aquí’ in the underground




We met some Goliardies, a tradition in some way similar to Tuna. It comes from the University and they meet with their costumes to talk.



el-vaticano-roma mojas-vaticano-roma

Inside the Vatican we made several pictures, but the phone who contained them was broken and we couldn’t save all of them. Here we are with some nouns.



marquesa-pironti-roma marquesa-pironti-roma-2

My aunt lives in Rome. As her house is beautiful, we nicknamed her ‘Marquise of Pironti’ (the name of her street).



We were saying in the Vatican that we were singers for the Pope and people believed it 😀 Here’s a picture inside the Sistine Chapel, where we told the same joke and when people asked us where we came from we said Kenya or South Korea.



In the Sistine Chapel people took us a lot of pictures. In some rooms we placed as if we were part of the furniture.



The Colosseum was being repaired.




We sang sometimes ‘La Rotonda’, a nice place. They treated us so nice and we gave them one of our guitars as a present.



They also invited us for a dinner in ‘La Rotonda’, delicious and big dish of pasta!



I think this was a spanish building, like an embassy, and the man is a policeman.



We didn’t know people needs permission to sing, and there are times scheduled for that. A policewoman told us to stop singing in this square.



Every place deserves a picture in Rome 🙂



Wandering in the night, beautiful monuments.



I think this in in front of ‘La Rotonda’.



Arrivederci Roma!!!


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