Denmark and Sweden (2013): Copenhagen, Malmö

spanish-troubadours-tuna-madrid-copenhagen-2013-the-little-mermaid [1024x768]

The Tunoperation ‘Red Dinamate’ was successful. We sang the song ‘The Mermaid’ to the Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen and some people thought we were paid by the city council for doing that 😀

spanish-troubadours-tuna-madrid-copenhagen-2013-nyhavn [1024x768]

We played in the Nyhavn (the harbour) and there we met the Cultural Counselor & Consul, Raúl Muñoz. He invited us to perform in the Embassy of Spain in Copenhagen, and so we did. They took us in the official car 🙂

spanish-troubadours-tuna-madrid-copenhagen-2013-spanish-embassy [1024x768]

spanish-troubadours-tuna-madrid-copenhagen-2013-danish-girls [1024x768]

In Christiania is forbidden to take pictures, but people took a few of them when we sang inside this peculiar city.

spanish-troubadours-tuna-madrid-christiania-2013 [1024x768]

Our Aladinusk played everywhere his bandurria, especially the russian song Katyusha, as you can see in the video.

spanish-troubadours-tuna-madrid-copenhagen-2013-aladdin [1024x768]

spanish-troubadours-tuna-madrid-malmo-2013 [1024x768]

We visited Malmö for some hours, doing a special parade.

spanish-troubadours-tuna-madrid-malmo-2013-figures [1024x768]

spanish-troubadours-tuna-madrid-copenhagen-2013-windmill [1024x768]

As usually, Marrondrup learnt some songs well known in Denmark to sing them wherever. In the video below, the white car on the left is not a taxi, it’s the Police (one of the policemen clapped :P).

Download Spanish phonetics for “Jeg vil i seng med de fleste” (Det Brune Punktum), “Der er et yndigt land” (Danish national anthem) and “Skuld Gammel Venskab Rejn Forgo”.

Download Spanish phonetics for “Jeg vil i seng med de fleste”, “Der er et yndigt land” (Danish national anthem) and “Skuld Gammel Venskab Rejn Forgo”.

spanish-troubadours-tuna-madrid-denmark-2013 [1024x768]

Our tambourine received not only danish crowns but coins and banknotes from countries as China, United Arab Emirates, India, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom and the USA.

spanish-troubadours-tuna-madrid-copenhagen-2013-aladdin-royal-guard-pantani [1024x768]

Pantanisen, most known  as The Deer (El Ciervo), with the Danish Royal Guard.

spanish-troubadours-tuna-madrid-copenhagen-2013-harbour [1024x768]

Our flat, ‘Super Cozy’, was very confortable and nice, so it deserved a song.



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